Technology for dogs and their humans.

Technology for dogs
and their humans.

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Porter Labs

Forging the future of dog training with AI and Machine Learning.

Our flagship system, PupStation™, introduces a revolutionary way of engaging and training dogs.

Say Hello to PupStation™

PupStation™ isn’t just another pet product — it’s an ecosystem of intelligent devices designed to enhance the relationship between dogs and their humans.

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Our Vision

To create a future where technology enables every dog to reach their full potential.

PupStation is on the way but not yet available to take home to your family pet. We are actively working to test our vision with canine professionals to ensure that our AI enhanced dog training tools are accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone.

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Learn about the science and technology behind PupStation™ and how it can change the way we care for our dogs. Come with us as we explore these topics – and more – on our Resources Page.

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