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Scarlett Trillia

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of her career, Scarlett has worked with startups and on new ventures (adventures!) across industries ranging from media production, to biotech, to logistics technology and high end, technology-supported furniture fabrication. She brings a wealth of leadership and fundraising skills as well as a passion for teamwork, a knack for strategy, and a long view into the future.

Scarlett’s interdisciplinary background began with an Honors degree in Human Services Administration at Northeastern University, extensive international travel for academic research, and an early career in non-profit development. Moving between industrial sectors later in her career broadened Scarlett’s view of business and finance, business ethics, and the interplay between humans, our natural environment, our communities, and the way that we work and develop new technologies in the 21st century.

Outside the office, Scarlett is a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher who has dedicated thousands of hours to the study of Vedic wisdom teachings. She brings a foundation of ancient Eastern philosophy and science to the modern Western working environment, a kind of peaceful super power when it comes to weathering the uncertainty of startup life.

Scarlett is based in Oakland and Mendocino, California where she raised a very, very good dog named Luz. Together they enjoy digging in the garden, long walks on the beach, and swimming in the river whenever they get a chance!

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