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Unleashing the Future: The AI-Powered Revolution in Dog Training

From smart speakers in our homes to lane-drift detectors in our cars, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. And it’s not just a tool for humans. In addition to providing a boost to more and more of our own everyday tasks, AI is also enhancing products we use to care for and learn about our pets.

Here at Porter Labs, dogs are not just pets, they’re family members. In fact, the AVMA reports that 85% of dog owners agree with us on that. We’re developing innovative AI tech solutions that help strengthen the bond between dogs and their people through training, games, stress reduction, and more.  

If dogs, training and tech are your passion, too – or if you’re just curious about the future of connected hardware – follow along to learn how we’re combining innovative thinking with artificial intelligence to transform dog training and play.

What is AI?

At its simplest, artificial intelligence refers to computer systems and algorithms that can analyze data and make decisions in a way that’s similar to how we humans solve problems. AI-enhanced machines capture and whizz through data, catching details people might miss. AI is increasing the efficiency of all kinds of industries, including finance, manufacturing, marketing, education, transportation, healthcare – and pet care, too.

Tech is already helping us connect with our pets

Pets spend a lot of time at home on their own, so it’s no wonder dog people quickly embraced technology as a way to keep an eye on their canine companions and make sure they are safe and happy. There are lots of recently developed smart gadgets that help people worry a little less about their pets, such as – 

  • Interactive cameras that let you watch and even reward your homebound dog or cat with treats when you can’t be by their side.
  • GPS or Bluetooth-equipped collars or tags that monitor your dog’s location. Some even alert you if they wander too far away.
  • Smart ID tags with a QR code that anyone with a smartphone can scan to help reunite a lost pet with their owner.
  • Microchip-detecting pet feeders and pet doors that only open for a specific pet.
  • Water bowls that monitor how much and how often a pet eats or drinks.
  • Online pet-reunification tools that use facial recognition to connect lost pets with their searching owners.
  • Chatbots that help animal shelters write life-saving bios to get rescued pets adopted.
  • Smart wearables that monitor a pet’s heart rate, temperature, and respiration for insight into their mental and physical health.

Rapid innovations in smart hardware, artificial intelligence, and the increasing connectivity across the Internet of Things (IoT) is helping ramp up pet tech!

Porter Labs is tapping AI to analyze, train, entertain, and engage!

Here at Porter Labs, we’re not just tech and AI experts, we’re a team of dog lovers and canine behavior enthusiasts. We quickly recognized the potential to harness machine learning to help enrich the lives of dogs and their owners. By the way, our company was named for Porter, our mascot, lead canine product tester, and the adorable face of our brand. 

CEO and co-founder Karthik Arumugham is Porter’s pet parent and an accomplished tech expert. Using his extensive knowledge in software and network engineering, he designed a next-generation dog training and entertainment system, PupStation, that empowers owners to help their dogs to make better choices, and adjusts to the needs of every dog.

When COO and co-founder Scarlett Trillia adopted her first puppy after finishing chemotherapy in 2016, she quickly realized she had a natural gift for dog training and accessing the healing capabilities of our canine counterparts. She noticed that the same structured and positive reinforcement-based regime that brought health and happiness to her rescue dog Luz was assisting in her rapid recovery after a difficult cancer journey.

Dog trainers and owners alike are constantly discovering more about how dogs learn, communicate, and problem-solve. Scarlett and Karthik are both fascinated by how AI can pick up on countless tiny communication signals from our dogs that we humans often miss or aren’t always home to see. By using AI to capture and analyze those signals, we can transform dog training and enrichment for the better.

AI deepens communication and interaction with your dog

We’re moving pet tech past simple monitoring and location tracking, into canine communication analysis, learning, training, and games. PupStation’s AI-powered platform improves the lives of dogs and their people by teaching simple obedience skills and fun “tricks,” and by keeping a dog’s brain and body engaged. The PupStation smart collar, feeder, and satellite modules transform the home and yard into an immersive play and learning zone. 

Boredom is banished as Pupstation uses machine learning to constantly fine-tune your dog’s training exercises. Dogs get hours of extra playtime every day for fun and learning, even when you can’t be home.

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